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Curse of the Pharaoh – Pre Workout


he Curse of the pharaoh pre-workout is a ridiculously  POTENT and ULTRA CONCENTRATED supplement that has been stacked with the most powerful ingredients as possible within the legal guidelines. This unique clinically researched combination of 17 scientifically provden ingredients will force you to lift more, train harder, and continue after fatique like no other pre-workout on the market. Consequently, this will result in abnormal vascularity, pumps, focus and motivation. This formula will enforce a lifting experience unlike ever before and you will notice the effects immediately.

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DIRECTIONS: Mix 1 ultra concentrated scoop into 200-300ml of cold water and consume 30-45 minutes before beinging your insane workout. However, due to its potency we do recommend starting with half a scoop initially if you are sensitive to stimulants then slowly building up with your tolerancy. DO NOT EXCEED RECOMMENDED DOSAGE BY ANY MEANS.

1 review for Curse of the Pharaoh – Pre Workout

  1. Dimitrios Jonsus

    Rah. this is the shit i cant even lie. i used to take superpump but got immune to it. now this is my new fav. the pump and intensity you get in your training is lit. after 30 mins u really feel youve taken a pre workout and thts what i was looking for.

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